Labor Day means a lot of things to Americans. A federally recognized holiday that gives hard workers a day off from work, an unofficial close to the summer season, or even one last barbecue outside with your neighbors. On top of these great celebrations, it’s also the best time of year to buy a car.

Before making the leap and signing the dotted line for such a big purchase, make sure you ask yourself these important questions in your car-buying process, and answer honestly for the best outcome.

  1. Do you know what you’re financially able to spend?

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Before contacting a dealer, scheduling a test drive, or even searching for cars, do you know what amount of your monthly income goes straight to bills? We all have a rent or mortgage, utilities, groceries, insurance, and possibly even school loans to pay. A good way to create a budget that easily shows what you have coming in and going out every month is to create an account on

  1. Is your credit good or bad?

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Your credit score is a big factor in getting a new line of credit for a vehicle. You should go into your car search and test drives knowing your credit score. Knowing your credit score can help you determine what type of dealership is best for your situation. If you’re in credit trouble, you may not be able to get a brand new vehicle you were eyeing up at a manufacturer’s dealership, but luckily you have other options. Buy Here Pay Here dealerships, such as local favorite B&B Automotive, will work with getting you a loan and car no matter what your credit score or history is.

  1. Do you know what type of vehicle will best fit your needs?

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Once you get your budget and financial business set, next you’ll want to narrow down your shopping cart full of cars. Start by casting a wide net, and use the biggest factors to thin out the herd. Make sure you schedule a test-drive in enough time so that you can benefit on Labor Day when big promos are happening. The last thing you want to do is pay for too much vehicle and features you don’t necessarily need! Check out the inventory online and all holiday weekend promotions.

  1. Did you get preapproved for a loan?

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This one is huge. By gaining a preapproval opportunity for purchasing a car, it shows a couple things. First being, you’re serious about getting in for a test drive and buying a car. Secondly, it allows for a quicker and smoother process at the dealership and ensures that you will have a necessary paperwork so you can drive home the same day!

Labor Day car specials are less than a week away, and this year isn’t one you’ll want to miss. By asking and answering these questions with yourself and your spouse or family will surely get you off the lot in a car you love this holiday weekend. Be sure to check out local car dealer specials and apply with us for a loan preapproval! Give Helm a call at 855-796-8400 to gain access to the pre-approval process.