It’s that time of year again… Tailgating season. Tailgating happens every day on our roads and highways (which is highly frowned upon), but the fun type of tailgating is a sport to live for on weekends. According to research by, 42% of tailgaters spend over $500/year on food and supplies and 51% set-up 3-4 hours before the start of the game.

With some serious statistics backing up a national pastime, we put together an essential tailgating kit that may come in handy when forking out a couple hundred dollars this season.

Jumper Cables

If you get anything for a tailgate this season, the first thing on your list should be a pair of jumper cables. They take up minimal room at the bottom of your trunk, can help you and/or others, and can be used in many other instances as well. They are simple to use and will get you home a lot quicker if you have any battery issues from playing music all day through your car speakers.


Having an awesome grill at home is excellent for parties and family get-togethers, but we all know it’s most likely not portable enough for tailgating. Luckily for us, there are specific types of grills for tailgating! Everyone has their own preference, but com says 95% of tailgaters prepare food in the parking lot, so it’s pretty much a given you should search around for a lightweight, yet big enough grill.

Car Awning

For those morning and afternoon tailgaters, either load up on sunscreen or cool-off in the shade. Making an investment into an easy-to-use car awning isn’t a bad idea. There are many on the market and all fit to different model cars (so be careful) but this is a great way to draw a great crowd, relax more, and get out of the sun.

Portable Entertainment System

This item is for the serious tailgaters out there. By “serious”, we mean those who get to the game 5+ hours beforehand, want to watch pre-game/other games on TV, and wants the most power possible. This system, available through, is specially designed or an HDTV, AV components, a dish, and generator. It even folds up to be carried/rolled like a suitcase! This product will turn you from a tailgating benchwarmer into an all-star.

mini breathalyzerMini Breathalyzer

Aside from all the fun and games, the most important part of the party is to make sure everyone gets home safely. For just $20 on, this little piece of equipment is much cheaper than a DUI. It’s pocket sized and accurate, so use it with your friends and fellow tailgaters to keep everyone safe.